Watch: Lib Dems grilled about their missing parliamentary candidate

Watch: Lib Dems grilled about their missing parliamentary candidate
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For the prospective parliamentary candidates of Newport West, last night was the culmination of two months of frantic campaigning, as they fought to win a seat in parliament following the death of the Labour MP, Paul Flynn.

Once the polls had closed and counting began, the candidates all headed to the Wales National Veledrome, as they waited to hear the final result. But one of their number was missing.

Remarkably the Lib Dem candidate, Ryan Jones, decided that he had somewhere better to be on the night he could have been elected to represent the good people of Newport West.

In his absence, the party president of the Welsh Lib Dems, William Powell, was forced to step in for the night's TV interviews. When asked by Andrew Neil why his candidate couldn't make the count, Powell initially tried to suggest that the Lib Dem 'had a long-standing commitment that he had to honour this evening'.

Leading Neil to ask, what kind of commitment could he possibly could have at one in the morning?

Caught out, and unable to answer for his candidate's absence, the party president was reduced to simply shrugging.

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