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Watch: May swipes at Truss in her final speech as MP

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So. Farewell then to the Covid parliament. It’s been a remarkable five years in British politics, what with the pandemic, Brexit, the change of monarch and the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. But with the Commons due to dissolve next Thursday, one of the great features which Mr S will miss the most is the number of ex-Prime Ministers we had in this parliament. Liz Truss may be clinging on but Boris Johnson bowed out last summer and now Theresa May is quitting too. But not without one final blast at one of her short-lived successors…

Speaking in the Commons for the final time today, the Maybot of Maidenhead provided a few glimpses into the soul behind her outward armour. Reflecting on how being an MP ‘is the best job in the world’, she remarked that it does have its ‘frustrations… particularly in government when people don’t vote, on your own side – three times. But there we are.’ However Steerpike’s favourite moment was when she turned her guns on Liz Truss and her recently-published book ‘Ten Years to Save the West: Lessons From the only Conservative in the Room.‘ May said:

It will be a great wrench to leave this place and I can say I first wanted to be a Conservative Member of Parliament from about the age of about 12. And I was always a Conservative. I’ve never been a member of another party. I have always been a conservative in the room – and I will continue to be a conservative in the room.

She may be done with the Commons but, somehow, Mr S thinks parliament hasn’t heard the last of Theresa May. Let’s see what future Honours’ Lists have in store eh?

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