Watch: Michael Crick chases down Lord Feldman

Watch: Michael Crick chases down Lord Feldman
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Michael Crick's Channel 4 report into Tory election spending has led to an investigation by the Electoral Commission into the hotel bills and advertising bills the Conservatives failed to declare as election expenditure. So it's safe to say that Crick is unlikely to be the flavour of the month over at CCHQ.

In fact Lord Feldman has so far ignored interview requests from Channel 4 when it comes to explaining his party's spending. So with Feldman not returning his calls, Crick saw his opportunity after he spied the Conservative Party chairman walking in the Westminster area. The story hungry hack sprinted after him, eventually catching Feldman for an awkward exchange.

MC: Why don't you give a full explanation to us?

AF: Because I think that doing it walking down the street is not the right way to do it

MC: Alright then, we'll come round to your office and sit down and do it

The full encounter will be aired tonight, with Crick expected to reveal further undeclared election expenses.

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