Watch: MPs struggle with the new voting system

Watch: MPs struggle with the new voting system
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MPs tried out Jacob Rees-Mogg’s new voting system for the first time today, as they prepared for a return to the House of Commons and the end of the virtual voting system. The reforms have already proven controversial among MPs, who have complained that the new system will involve long queues, will take at least 40 minutes for a vote, and shielded members will not be able to take part.

In order to keep socially distanced, the politicians were forced to form an orderly queue which ended up stretching for almost a kilometre around the Parliamentary estate, so MPs could remain two metres apart at all times.

When they reached the front of the queue in the Commons Chamber, MPs were then asked to walk to either the left or right Despatch Box (depending on their vote), say their name, and which way they were voting. A simple, if somewhat convoluted, process you might think, to ensure that MPs moved quickly along while confirming their identities.

Unfortunately, it appears that many of our elected representatives were really not up to the challenge. Whether it was knowing their left from their right, remembering to say their name, or simply knowing what they were voting for – many of our MPs seemed baffled by the new procedure.

Watch the MPs who failed to follow the simple instructions here:

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