Watch: Queen comes to Rishi’s rescue

Watch: Queen comes to Rishi’s rescue
Brian May
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Rishi Sunak received a fair amount of flak this week, after ITV reported that he’d told struggling musicians to retrain and find other jobs. The Chancellor appeared to actually be speaking more generally to the broadcaster about job losses when he said that ‘I can’t pretend that everyone can do exactly the same job that they were doing at the beginning of this crisis.’

But that did not stop a troupe of outraged musicians calling for Sunak’s head, with DJ Calvin Harris even piling in on the Chancellor.

Sunak should fear not though, at least one member of the music aristocracy still has his back. Today, Brian May of Queen appeared on ITV’s This Morning, and was asked about Sunak’s remarks. Rather than take the bait though, May noted that he went to look at a transcript of the Chancellor’s remarks and concluded:

‘I don’t think he actually said that to be honest.’

The guitarist added that: ‘I know because I get misquoted so much… I’m a little wary of jumping on people, that’s all’.

Another one bites the dust...

Watch here:

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