Watch: Richard Burgon’s strange defence of China

Watch: Richard Burgon’s strange defence of China
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It’s been many years since the Labour party first idolised the Soviet Union, but it appears that the left’s lingering love affair with communist states is still hard to shake off.

The Labour MP Richard Burgon kept the red flag flying last night when he appeared on Iain Dale’s LBC radio show. As the panel discussed the way the UK should deal with the threat of China, Burgon chided his fellow panel member for saying that the communist state has tentacles around the world, arguing this could fuel ‘anti-Chinese racism in our society’.

The Labour MP then strangely seemed to suggest that the United States and China were morally equivalent, saying ‘There’s things that the government of the United States has done historically which we profoundly disagree with, you know invading other countries, using the nuclear bomb…’

All of this rather seemed to gloss over China’s concentration camps and brutal campaign against its own population in Xinjiang province. Pressed on this later on in the show, Burgon refused to comment on whether or not China was currently committing genocide, saying those asking the question were trying to ‘create a political storm’.

Clearly the Labour MP’s solidarity does not extend to the ordinary people of China who are currently being brutalised by their government.

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