Watch: Scottish Labour leader crashes dance class

Watch: Scottish Labour leader crashes dance class
Screenshot from video by Gordon McKee (@GordonMcKee_)
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The Holyrood election has been characterised as relentlessly negative, with the SNP and the Conservatives sticking rigidly to their respective attacks on the Prime Minister and calls for a second referendum on independence. Both Nicola Sturgeon and Tory leader Douglas Ross look like they desperately want the whole thing to be over.

Not so, Anas Sarwar. The Scottish Labour leader appears to be living his best life with an energetic campaign emphasising his opposition both to indyref2 and banging on about opposition to indyref2. This has led to him being accused by Sturgeon of sitting on the fence. 

However, the Glasgow MSP wasn’t for sitting when he spotted an open-air dance class while campaigning in West Lothian on Saturday. The Saltire Burlesque Academy was holding a lesson in the car park of Almondvale Stadium, home ground of Livingston FC, when it gained an unlikely new student.

In a video posted on social media, Sarwar can be seen gyrating enthusiastically to 'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Later, he tweeted the Academy to say: ‘I hope you all enjoyed your dance lesson from me today. Same time and place next week?’

Sarwar, who was elected Scottish Labour leader two months ago, has been trying to convince Scots that his party has changed since losing power at Holyrood in 2007 and being all but wiped out at the 2015 general election. Mr Steerpike will reserve judgement on that but, if Sarwar’s moves are anything to go by, Labour has certainly stepped up its spin operation.

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