‘This is just absolutely pathetic’: Douglas Ross vs Pete Wishart

'This is just absolutely pathetic': Douglas Ross vs Pete Wishart
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This morning's Scottish Affairs select committee session got off to a rocky start when Tory leader Douglas Ross clashed with SNP chairman Pete Wishart. A buoyant Ross, who led his party to its best Holyrood results last week, kicked off by welcoming Scotland secretary Alister Jack and his mandarin Laurence Rockey to the committee but could not resist a swipe at the 'frankly inept and poor' Wishart who responded with similar gusto.

Ross: Thank you Mr Rockey for joining us today and I have to say at the outset how disappointed people must have been to watch the quite frankly inept and poor chairing of this committee so far by Mr Wishart and I think people will understand why members of his own party and across Parliament – here we go, we're not allowed to criticise the SNP –

Wishart: Listen Douglas, excuse me, excuse me Douglas Ross, there's no need at all to make attacks on the chair of this committee, I've been elected by the House to chair this committee, could you please just get on with addressing your questions?

Ross: I seem to have hit a nerve of the sensitive chair of this committee...

Wishart: It's not, I'm just trying to get on with doing my job without any sort of personal attacks like that, please get on with your questions.

Ross: Well when you're so poor at your job I will personally attack you because you have talked over witnesses repeatedly today

Wishart: This is just absolutely pathetic, will you please just get on with your questions without making any sort of erroneous attacks on the chair?

Ross: Well it's not erroneous if you are poor and inept and the fact that you won't even allow me to put that on the –

Wishart: Well will you get on with your poor and inept questions please so we can get on with this session?

Ross: So our impartial chair has already decided that my questions will not be as good as his and I think people will see yet again the SNP don't like to be criticised.

Wishart: We just want to get on with this session, will you please now just ask your questions?

Ross: Hopefully you can calm down now chair as I address my questions to the secretary of state.

Mr S suspects it's not the last time we will see the dynamic duo clash this Parliament, either on Zoom or (hopefully) soon in the same room together too.

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