Watch: SNP’s ‘creepy’ party broadcast

Watch: SNP's 'creepy' party broadcast
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Tonight the Scottish National party released its latest party political broadcast on Twitter. Featuring a young red-haired woman sitting on a stool, striding around a stage, it flashes various images onto the back of a screen complete with melodramatic background tones.

Ignoring the Scottish government's own record of the last 14 years on health, education, social mobility and every other matter of public policy, it asks: 'Who will care? When you see your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your grandpa and nan, how can we get governments that care about them. The governments that we can trust to work tirelessly for Scotland, day after day after day.'

At this point a barrage of images of Nicola Sturgeon flash up across wide television screens, picturing the First Minister chattering away as the background music switches to hopeful strains. Understandably the Orwellian vibes from such a framing device reminiscent of Big Brother haven't gone down well on social media, given the SNP's own questionable record on civil liberties and the recent Hate Crime Bill.

Steerpike wonders if the SNP's vision for Scotland in 2021 is merely just a 1984 rebrand?

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