Watch: Theresa May delivers her verdict on Boris Johnson’s deal

Watch: Theresa May delivers her verdict on Boris Johnson's deal
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Boris Johnson can be forgiven for feeling worried when Theresa May took to her feet in the Commons just now. The former prime minister started with the words:

'I intend to rebel...'.

Fortunately for her successor, she then added:

'...against all of those who don't want to deliver Brexit.'

"I don't like referendums but I think if you have one, then you have to abide by it" says former Prime Minister, Theresa May. #BrexitDeal

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— Sky News (@SkyNews) October 19, 2019

May said she intended to back the deal because it came down to a simple question:

'when we voted to trigger Article 50, did we really mean it? When the two main parties...stood on manifestos to deliver Brexit, did we really mean it? I think there can only be one answer to that: yes, we did mean it...because if this parliament did not mean it it is guilty of the most egregious con trick on the British people.'

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