Douglas Murray

What’s more disturbing than a group of discredited old Nazis? The Green Party

What's more disturbing than a group of discredited old Nazis? The Green Party
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Yesterday's Mail on Sunday had an interesting account of a meeting in London of Nazis, neo-Nazis, British National Party types and anti—Semites of various other hues. The paper infiltrated the meeting and exposed what was said - which is a very good service and deserves praise.

But I challenge anyone to look through the photos and biographies of the few participants who gathered at Victoria station and then in a nearby hotel and not reflect that this is a gratifyingly washed-up and pathetic movement. During their deliberations they appear to have gone over the usual stuff about how they think the Holocaust was made up and been used by Jews for their own advantage and so on. But I confess to feeling fairly unbothered by such a gathering where the best they can do in terms of personnel is to find an admirer of Hitler from Spain, a retired schoolteacher wearing a British Union of Fascists lapel badge and carrying a book by Oswald Mosley and the absurd ‘Lady’ Michele Renouf, a former ‘hand model’ whose brain has never been what I suppose her hands once were.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Pedro Varelathe Spanish man, gave a speech about 'the children of darkness', during which:

'He also appeared to call for a boycott of Jewish shops and businesses, saying: "In the Middle Ages, the Jews had all the gold in the world but they were living in the ghettos. They still have the gold of the world and are the masters of it...”'

All very predictable. But they're not the only people calling for boycotts. An anti-Israel boycott is part of Green party policy.

You can see Green Party's deputy leader, Shahrar Ali, delivering a crazed anti-Israel speech at a rally in the video above: And now Natalie Bennett, the Green party's Australian-born leader, has confirmed her stance. Bennett has told the Jewish Chronicle that she not only supports an economic boycott of Israel but a cultural boycott too. This presumably means that Bennett believes British citizens should not listen, for instance, to a performance by a Jewish pianist who has been born in the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Or visit an exhibition by a painter from Israel or receive medical assistance from a Jewish surgeon who has migrated (aren't the Green Party in favour of open borders?) to the historic homeland of the Jewish people seventy years after the creation of the State of Israel.

I suppose that for the time being Bennett would still allow us to hear a Jewish pianist so long as the said pianist had not asserted their right to go to live in the world's one and only Jewish state. But it is striking that the only type of migrant Bennett thinks we should boycott and disdain are Jewish migrants.

As I say - I don't find a few pathetic old Nazis calling for Jewish boycotts to be terribly worrying. Facts and history have caught up with these people and discredited them accordingly. But Bennett, Shah and their party are hoping to gain more than one seat for their party at the election next monthA lot of people will be thinking of voting Green next month. Many of them will be fed up with the other parties or have no idea what the Green Party stands for. As I say - a few discredited old Nazis are no problem whatsoever beside these people.