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What’s on today at Labour conference: The Spectator guide | 24 September 2019

What's on today at Labour conference: The Spectator guide | 24 September 2019
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There is no love lost between Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson, so the Labour leader will have to grin and bear it as his deputy takes to the stage this afternoon. Here is the pick of today's events in Brighton:

Labour events: 

8:30: Policy Seminar

9:45: Morning Plenary Session: Tackling The Climate Emergency

12:35: Votes

12:45: Break

14:00: Afternoon Plenary Session: Tackling The Climate Emergency

Tom Watson MP Speech

16:45: Policy Seminars

17:20: Votes

Fringe events: 

10:30: Students Against Climate Change: What Can We Do?

Ambassador, Hilton Brighton Metropole

12:00: Diversity in the Law – Room for Improvement?

Kate O’Rourke (chair), Andrea Coomber, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, David Lammy MP, Amanda Pinto QC, David Green; Boardroom, The Old Ship Hotel

12:00: Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice

Fiaza Shaheen, Laura Pidcock MP, Owen Jones, Dave Ward, Lowkey; Arundel 2, Holiday Inn

12:30: The New World Disorder: Trump, Iran & the Threat of War

Murad Qureshi (chair), Diane Abbott MP, Richard Burgon MP, Owen Jones, Lindsey German, Andrew Murray; Charlotte, The Grand

12:30: Britain Talks: A Nation Split into Leavers and Remainers

Alison Phillips (chair), Ros Wynne-Jones, Steve Turner, Britain Talks representatives

13:00: How Can Labour Find its Voice on Immigration?

Yvette Cooper MP, Lisa Nandy MP, John Harris; Ashdown 1, Holiday Inn

14:00: How Can We Stop the Surge in Knife Crime?

Rupert Reid (chair), Diane Abbott MP, Anoosh Chakelian, Sir Mark Rowley, Dr Tony Sewell; Durham Hall Room 4, Hilton Brighton Metropole

14:30: Choosing Childhood: How a Labour Government Should Prioritise Children

Polly Toynbee (chair), Tracy Brabin MP, Andrew Harrop, Marvin Rees, Julie Bentley; Lancaster, Hilton Brighton Metropole

15:00: Immigration – What Should be in Labour’s Manifesto?

Afzal Khan MP (chair), Diane Abbott MP, Thom Brooks, Kate Green MP, Keir Starmer MP, Nesrine Malik; Queens, Hilton Brighton Metropole

15:00: In Conversation with Keir Starmer MP

Tom Kibasi (chair), Keir Starmer MP; Wye, Hilton Brighton Metropole

15:30: Fake News or Free Speech: The Future for UK Press Freedom

David Goodhart (chair), Tom Watson MP, Paul Embery, Andrew Gilligan, Sunday Times; Durham Hall Room 4, Hilton Brighton Metropole

15:30: How to Save the Planet – Ed Miliband in Conversation with Prospect’s Tom Clark

Tom Clark (chair), Ed Miliband; Clyde, Hilton Brighton Metropole

16:00: EU Citizens’ Rights: What Will Labour Do?

Ilse Mogensen (chair), Paul Blomfield MP, Claude Moraes MEP, Dimitri Scarlato, Allison Roche; Buddies Café Bar

16:00: What Route Out of the Brexit Maze?

Charles Grant (chair), Hilary Benn MP, Carolyn Fairbairn, Keir Starmer MP, Tom Watson MP; Ambassador, Hilton Brighton Metropole

17:00: Making Ends Meet

Allison McGovern MP (chair), John McDonnell MP, Ros Wynne-Jones, Mike Amesbury MP, Kate Green MP, Paul Sweeney MP, Debbie Abrahams MP

17:00: Policing and Human Rights

Gary Younge (chair), Martha Spurrier, Dawn Butler, David Lammy, Diane Abbott;  Boardroom, The Old Ship Hotel

17:30: The Fall and Rise of the British Left – Book Launch with Andrew Murray

Consort, The Grand

17:30: What Would it Take for Labour to Win a General Election?

Tom Kibasi (chair), Emily Thornberry MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Jamie Driscoll, Ash Sarkar, Ayesha Hazarika, Joe Twyman; Wye, Hilton Brighton Metropole

17:30: What Next for Labour and Brexit?

Mike Buckley (chair), Tim Roache, Laura Parker, Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, Julie Ward MEP, Imogen Tyreman; Main Hall, St Paul’s Church

17:45: The Future of the Labour Party

Brendan Chilton (chair), John Denham, Lisa Nandy MP, Paul Emery, John Mills; Dining Room, Brighton Hotel

18:00: Too Radical, Or Not Radical Enough? Labour’s Economic Policy

Torsten Bell (chair), Ed Miliband MP, Frances O’Grady, Ben Page, Grace Blakeley; Cambridge, Hilton Brighton Metropole

18:00: Fair to Whom? Labour’s Approach to Migration

Emma Norris (chair), Diane Abbott MP, Joe Owen, Ian Robinson; Regent, The Grand

18:30: 10 Million People Denied a Vote – Time to Fight Back

Alena Ivanova (chair), Laura Parker, David Lammy MP, Paul Sweeney MP, Alexandra Bulat, Alex Fernandes, Jane Golding; Downstairs in the Underbelly, The Walrus Pub

19:30: Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs Rally

John McDonnell MP, Diane Abbott MP, Richard Burgon MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Laura Pidcock MP, Dan Carden MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP; The World Transformed Marquee

21:30: Labour Friends of Israel

Dame Louise Ellman MP (chair), Tom Watson MP, Hilik Bar, Mark Regev; Balmoral, Hilton Brighton Metropole