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What’s the Best Sports City in the World?

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That's the question Dan Drezner asks, riffing on this frankly dubious Toronto Star survey of North American cities. The Star bases its criteria upon winning percentage which is a rum, if typically North American, way of looking at these matters, and comes up with the rather surprising verdict that Indianapolis is the best sports city in North America. Make of that what you may. It wouldn't be enough for me.

Anyway, Dan wonders how to take this "global" factoring in all those non-American sports and coming up with a candidate for the title of "Greatest Sporting City in the World". I suspect readers will have their own views on this but, despite the many and obvious claims London might have on this bauble, I think the palm might have to go to...

Melbourne - the home of Australian Rules Football, the Australian Grand Prix, the Australian Tennis Open, one of the world's great horse races in the Melbourne Cup, some rugby when the Wallabies play in Victoria and a Super 15 franchise soon, plus, of course, the Boxing Day Test which remains one of the great cricketing spectacles of the year. Not bad for a city that the rest of the world often considers to be Sydney's little and lesser sibling...

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