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Where in the world will you find the cheapest petrol?

Where in the world will you find the cheapest petrol?
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Whole-life sentences

How many prisoners are serving whole-life sentences?

— There are currently 74 prisoners in prison with whole-life tariffs; 11 had the tariff imposed by a home secretary and 63 had it imposed by a judge. There are only two women, including Rosemary West.

— A further 29 people have at some point been given whole-life tariffs but have had them reduced on appeal, or been released under the Good Friday Agreement.

22 prisoners have died while serving whole-life sentences.

— The prisoner who has served the longest sentence is Robert Maudsley, who was jailed for one murder in 1977 and was given a whole-life sentence after committing a further three murders in prison.

Fill your tanks

Who has the world’s cheapest, and most expensive, petrol (when you can get it)? Prices in $US per litre.


Venezuela $0.02

Iran $0.06

Syria $0.23

Angola $0.27

Algeria $0.37

Kuwait $0.35

Most expensive

Hong Kong $2.57

Netherlands $2.18

Central African Republic $2.14

Norway $2.12

Israel $2.04



A shortage of CO2 has led to a reduction in the numbers of animals being slaughtered and a backlog of animals still living on farms. How many animals were slaughtered in July compared with July 2020?

Steers (bullocks) 79,000 (-9.6%)

Heifers 63,000 (-8.1%)

Young bulls 20,000 (-16.0%)

Cows and adult bulls 51,000 (-14.0%)

Calves 5,000 (-0.8%)

Clean sheep 1.84m (-16.0%)

Ewes and rams 111,000 (-28%)

Clean pigs 940,000 (-3.1%)

Sows and boars 2,200 (-2.5%)

Source: Defra

Let’s all confer

A few other conferences you could have gone to this week:

— International Conference on Applied Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Liverpool (Sun-Mon).

— International Congress on Oil and Gas, London (Sun-Mon).

— World Conference on Disaster Management, London (Mon-Tue).

— International Conference on Machine Learning, Grasmere (Tue-Fri).

— International Conference on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, London (Thu-Fri).