Peter Hoskin

Where is the foreign policy?

Where is the foreign policy?
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Matthew Parris hits the nail on the head this morning, with an article bemoaning the lack of Tory foreign policy.  Do read the whole thing, although the final paragraph sums up the charge:

"As Opposition leader, Margaret Thatcher defined herself in brutal and angry outline as a cold warrior. Today there is no need for such clarity from Mr Cameron and something to be said for wait and see. But in Europe Britain's natural allies in the “new” EU would be glad of an outstretched hand from our likely next government. And in Asia we are snagged in the barbed wire of a bloody conflict. I'm told Mr Cameron is not disposed to review our entanglement. Is that really true? I - and perhaps the electorate - would like to know."

Of course, domestic matters are especially pressing at the moment, and I do think that Gordon Brown's concentration on all things global risks further alienating him from the electorate.  But, given that we're a country at war, and that the threat of a nuclear Iran is becoming ever more urgent, that's certainly no excuse for the Cameroons to keep almost entirely silent on these issues, among others.  It's a silence which, rightly or wrongly, does rather undermine their claim to be ready for Government.