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Which countries have the highest energy bills?

Which countries have the highest energy bills?
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Seeds of change

The Chelsea Flower Show opened in autumn for the first time, delayed thanks to the pandemic. The show has been cancelled before due to the world wars — during the second world war the site was used for an anti-aircraft gun emplacement. But it wasn’t always held in Chelsea. It began as the Royal Horticultural Society show in Chiswick, held from 1827 onwards. It moved to Kensington Gardens in 1861 when rival flower shows were attracting visitors away. In 1888 it moved to Temple Gardens, between Fleet Street and the Thames. It was first held in Chelsea — in a single marquee — in 1913.

Highly charged

Energy prices spiked. Which countries have the most expensive electricity for domestic customers (US cents per kWh)?

Germany 39

Bermuda 37

Denmark 34

Belgium, Portugal 32

Cayman Islands, Bahamas 31

Ireland, Japan 29

Barbados, Cyprus 28

UK, Italy 27

(Average global price is 14.2 US cents)


Sub totals

Who has got the biggest submarine fleet?

China 79

US 68

Russia 64

North Korea 36

Iran 29

South Korea 22

Japan 20

India 17

Turkey 12

Greece 11

UK 11

France 10

(Australia is 18th on the list with 6)


The road most travelled

An offshoot of Extinction Rebellion closed part of the M25. How much traffic does the road carry, and how does it compare with other crowded sections of motorway?

Average daily vehicle flow in 2017

M25 J18-19 (affected section) 179,643

M25 J14-15 (busiest section) 211,059

M60 J12-13 184,327

M1 J8-9 165,209

M6 J8-9 164,040

M42 J5-6 152,876

M4 J4-5 146,847

M8 J16-17 135,657