Martin Bright

Whistleblowers United

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Good to see three of my favourite whistleblowers - Katharine Gun, Brian Jones and Derek Pasquill - giving evidence to the Public Accounts Committee today. But it seems from the reporting that Carne Ross, former first secretary at the United Nations, rather stole the show by live video link from New York. Ross, it seems he suggested that there is still more to be found out about the Iraq War and said that the full papaer trail should be published.

Funnily enough, Alistair Campbell didn't use the opportunity of the guest editorship of my old publication, the New Statesman, to enlighten us further. It was a bold, if rather curious move to get a propagandist turned spin doctor to try his hand at journalism. Campbell never knowingly got  a scoop when he was a working hack and it seems his story-getting powers have not improved with age. But it's an interesting stunt. Perhaps the Spectator should follow the lead and hand over the reins to Andy Coulson for a week? Or maybe not.