Who is David Cameron? Read all about it

Who is David Cameron? Read all about it
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Whatever happens to David Cameron, he will have some reading material post 2015. Dr Anthony Seldon has announced that he will be writing about the Cameron years, just as he did for the Blair and Brown premierships. Seldon plans to publish two books: The Cameron Effect, written with Dr Mike Finn, and Cameron at 10, with Peter Snowdon. Both will be released after the election.

Seldon is not the only scribe documenting the life and times of our chillaxing PM; former Sunday Times Political Editor Isabel Oakeshott has revealed more details about her book (co-written with Lord Ashcroft):

‘When I interviewed the Prime Minister for the Sunday Times at New Year, I was struck by a casual remark he made. Apparently accepting that some aspects of the green agenda have fallen by the wayside, he remarked: “That’s what politics is about! You get a bit of this…you get rid of that...” Does this sum up the Prime Minister’s attitude to his administration?

I think the comment tells us more than that the Prime Minister is willing to compromise. It suggests he is prepared to jettison what once seemed like core principles in the interests of keeping the show on the road. Of course it is this pragmatism that has made him so well suited to governing in coalition. Despite being shackled to deeply unpromising political partners, he has indeed kept the show on the road.

But his approach also leaves many voters wondering who he really is – and that is a problem. That is why Lord Ashcroft and I are writing a new biography of Cameron: to try to find the real character behind the bland political mask.’

When Ashcroft-Oakeshott project was announced last year, it was said that the book would be released after the 2015 election, but Mr S is hearing whispers that the release date may well creep forward.

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