Peter Hoskin

Who spent what?

Who spent what?
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The expenses claims of nineteen MPs – including Blair, Brown and Cameron – have been released today.  Nothing in breach of the rules, but still some cause for eyebrow-raising.  For instance, John Prescott claimed £4,000 in 2003/04 for groceries (would it be cruel to say it showed?)  And Blair had his TV license-fee paid for.

Despite the lack of Derek Conway-style revelations, the release is welcome – if only because it’s one in the eye for Michael Martin.  But – for good or ill – things still aren’t as transparent as they could be.  Martin continues to fight against the release of “receipt-by-receipt” breakdowns; a battle that will be adjudicated in the High Court.  Hopefully it will be resolved by the time all MPs’ expenses claims are released in October.