Iain Mansfield

Iain Mansfield is Director of Research and Head of Education at Policy Exchange, and a former Special Adviser at the Department for Education.

Pro-Palestine campus protests have gone too far

The Prime Minister has summoned the vice chancellors of several universities to Downing Street to read them the riot act over pro-Palestine protests taking place on their campuses. But this meeting will need to have more impact than Rishi Sunak’s ineffectual gathering of police chiefs in February over public order – which has led to

The UK’s biggest teaching union has exposed its true colours

The National Education Union’s (NEU) mask slipped last month when four of the organisation’s senior figures published a new book, Lessons in Organising: What Trade Unionists Can Learn from the War on Teachers. It was endorsed by the NEU’s general secretary, Kevin Courtney, who called it ‘an excellent review of the attack on teachers and their unions,