Whom do you trust more?

Whom do you trust more?
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So, a ComRes poll for the Daily Politics has Cameron leading Brown on the issue of which party leader would be more honest about spending cuts. It echoes a poll that we conducted a few days ago; the results of which we figured we’d share with CoffeeHousers, before our work experience at the Speccie comes to an end.

Basically, we hit the streets of London (avoiding Westminster and all the party hacks), and asked around 350 people: “Who do you trust more, Gordon Brown or David Cameron?” Sure, it may not be as scientific as a YouGov or ComRes poll, but the results are still striking. Cameron polled a comfortable 62.5 percent, while Brown only managed a lacklustre 37.5 percent.

A massive victory for Dave, then? Well, yes – in one respect. But it should be noted that many of the respondents weren’t too enthusiastic about either party leader. One man summed it up perfectly when he said: “Cameron, because he is the lesser of two evils.” Another added: “I wouldn’t trust either as far as I could throw them.”

All in all, it reduced to another example of the anti-politician mood that’s sweeping around the country in the wake of the expenses scandal, among other controversies. The Tories, and David Cameron, may be coming out of it on top. But they certainly shouldn’t get complacent while British politics maintains its current volatility.