Rod Liddle

Why does Justin Welby want us to understand jihadis?

Why does Justin Welby want us to understand jihadis?
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Hallelujah, everybody. The Archbishop of Canterbury has been pontificating again. Justin Welby says we must try to understand radical Islam a little better. He explained last week, with great patience, that the jihadis think they’re in an end-time war against Christians and Jews, so killing them is exactly what they expect to happen. It sort of proves them right and makes them happy, he argued.

Well, thank you for that, Justin. And now we’ve understood this crucial point, what approach should we take to them henceforth? Invite them round for a fondu party and a game of Twister? Justin doesn’t say. It does rather seem to me that if killing them makes them happy, and it certainly makes me happy, we’re in a sort of win-win situation. What’s not to like?

Understanding only gets you so far - as the Middle East’s decapitated Christians might tell you, if they still had heads. To enjoin understanding on us all is an evasion, in a sense. An attempt to shy away from the world as it is, rather than the world as we would like to see it. A familiar failing of the liberal left.