Peter Hoskin

Will Miliband lose out in the torture row?

Will Miliband lose out in the torture row?
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As John points out, there are numerous questions over the alleged American threat to withdraw intelligence cooperation should the UK release evidence about the treatment of Binyan Mohamed at Guantanamo Bay.  But whatever the doubts, and however forceful the denials, the situtation is still potentially damaging for the US and UK governments - especially in the wake of Hillary Clinton's praise for the "special relationship" a couple of days ago.  Much like last year's rendition row, this latest controversy paints the relationship as a bullying one in which the US holds all the power, and reopens some of the old wounds over trust.

I can't help but wonder whether David Miliband will feel the brunt of all this.  After his disastrous visit to India, and his churlish "War on Terror article in the Guardian, the Foreign Secretary's stock is at an all-time low.  Indeed, that Guardian article now looks even worse in retrospect.  Given the view that it was a cheap parting shot at the Bush administration - and an attempt to get into the new administration's good books - the reports that the intelligence threat "still applies under President Obama" are embarrassing for Miliband.  They develop the idea that Washington is waving two fingers at our Foreign Secretary and his worldview.  All in all, if could give Brown a further excuse to serve up some cold, cold revenge.