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Worrying developments in Zimbabwe

Worrying developments in Zimbabwe
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There have been some terrifying signs that the violence in Zimbabwe is intensifying over the last 24 hours. with tactical assaults on the few remaining commercial farms increasing  in preparation for an election "run off" between Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe.

We understand that Wayne Munroe, a farmer in a part of Matebeleland North called Nyamandlovu, "the place of the meat of the elephant", has been under siege since early yesterday [30th April], his property encircled by a tactical assault group of 100 Zanu PF militia.

People working for Munroe, according to one informed source, have been "savagely beaten, horribly brutalised" in the course of the quasi military operation. Munroe himself was struck with an axe on the hand and escaped a rifle wielding assailant by spraying pepper spray into his eyes.

Munroe's wife and two children were separated from Munroe until limited police intervention allowed the family to be reunited this afternoon.

Munroe's own constituency MP, Obert Mpofu – a slavish adherent of Robert Mugabe - has failed to take any action to halt the militia attack.

It has been an open secret since the assassination of another Matebeleland North farmer, Martin Olds in April 2000, that key lieutenants of Robert Mugabe in Zanu PF's Politburo have been implicated heavily in the targeted killings of white farmers.

Olds was murdered in a military operation which saw police roadblocks being lifted to allow a heavily armed party of approximately 300 militia with tactical assault weapons to encircle his home.

Olds was a constituent of Obert Mpofu, as is Wayne Munroe.

Though he signally failed to intervene or even offer comment at the time of the all out assault on Olds's homestead, there is of course no evidence  to suggest that Mpofu, a former Minister of Industry and International Trade, was involved in the Olds assassination.

The controversial Minister was, however, promoted following Olds's murder and appears to maintain his access to power by continually beating the anti-white drum.

Since the death of Martin Olds Mpofu has played a significant role in attempting to evict the handful of remaining farmers from his fiefdom.