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Wrong exit

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A set or first editions of today's newspapers will be a collector's item. Here are a selection of their stories, usually printed at 9pm, predicting Hillary's downfall. "Iowa, New Hampshire, America? Obama's incredible journey" (Independent splash). "Clinton moves to Plan B" (Guardian splash) "Hillary to sack aides as she faces defeat" (Telegraph, p1). "Obama dealt a potentially fatal blow to Hillary Clinton's chances of being US President yesterday" (intro on The Sun's p4 lead", "Hillary Clinton's hopes of becoming the first female president in US history were crumbling last night" (Daily Mail intro, p10 lead). "The tears are falling but Clinton vows to fight on" (times, p6). Many changed this radically by their final edition, and the times did so especially well. But a lesson to us all: never work with animals, small children or American exit polls.