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Your questions for Eric Pickles | 17 April 2009

Your questions for Eric Pickles | 17 April 2009
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It's been a week and a bit since we asked CoffeeHousers to put forward their questions for Eric Pickles.  We've since picked out a selection, and they've now been put to the Tory chairman.  He'll get back to us next week.

Anyway, here are the questions:


How would a Conservative government reform the expenses system?


Do you NOW understand why so many of the Question Time audience reacted as they did to you?


What exactly, if anything, will a Conservative government do to reverse and rectify the increasingly intrusive powers of the state and the erosion by the New Labour hegemony of the traditional freedoms, protections and privacy once enjoyed by all the English people? The answer to this question will be paramount to my voting intentions.

John Ward

Those of us who know you or know of you are well aware of your personal integrity and your determination. However, you are not one of the best in the media, and were quite easily trapped on Question Time recently.

What can you do to make sure that party members and supporters need have no fear of your appearing in such places again in the future?

lawrence greek

Eric - George Osborne made a very intelligent and insightful speech on the future of the financial sector today to the RSA, proving that not only do the Conservatives have a plan for the economy, they have also thought long and hard about what is required - much more so than Gordon Brown. How can the Conservative party get this message across better to the wider electorate and, more specifically, why do Cameron and Osborne allow themselves to be patronised by Brown and Labour when beneath the surface they clearly have a much better grasp of both markets and the causes of the current crisis?

Cottage Pie

If you were marooned on a desert island with Gordon Brown would you:

a) Analyse with your new friend the potential of applying the endogenous growth theory to your predicament.

b) Ask Gordon to help you make a fishing rod and then go fishing together.

c) Make your own rod, go fishing and then share the fish with Gordon

d) Rely on Gordon to build a rod, catch some fish and expect him to share the fish with you.

e) Ignore Gordon, go to the other side of the island and fend for yourself.