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Your questions for Theresa May | 26 May 2009

Your questions for Theresa May | 26 May 2009
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It has been a few days now since we asked CoffeeHousers to put forward their questions for Theresa May.  We've since picked out the best, which have now been put to the shadow work and pensions secretary.  She'll get back to us in the next few days.

Anyway, here are the questions:

John Moss

"Is a time of financial crisis when many people are losing their jobs not the best time to push through radical reform of welfare to gain public trust in the system and get control of cost."


"Aren't tax credits for married couples simply forms of social engineering by social conservatives, trying to impose their own values on the rest of us?

As there are lots of new Conservative MPs likely to be elected at the next election, will we see a socially conservative tone of government, or a socially liberal one where the state won't purposefully try to interfere in how we lead our lives?"


"What are your party's plans for dealing with the public sector pensions time bomb?"

Peter Oborne

"Why did you twice fail to reply when I wrote to you in autumn 2007 providing you, in your capacity of shadow Leader of the Commons, with evidence of the abuse of the allowances system and urging you to confront the problem?"


"What are the top five things the Shadow Cabinet will do to address the current crisis in politics?"

Liz Elliot-Pyle

"...I think I will stick with my instincts and vote UKIP for the european elections.

And, whisper who dares, what exactly is to bad about BNP? They would be a cat amongst the pigeons in the Eu parliament and that is only to the good as far as I am concerned.

Lets face it, the EU elections are an irrelevance because whatever we vote is not going to make one iota of difference to this un-democratic bunch of shysters. So why NOT BNP?"