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Entries for the Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards 2018 in partnership with Julius Baer are now closed. For any queries about your entry, please contact or 020 7961 0044. We look forward to getting in touch with shortlisted entrants in the near future!

The Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur

Patience has its rewards

In the last of our series on ‘The Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur’, Martin Vander Weyer talks to serial entrepreneur and investor Luke Johnson, who also chairs StartUp Britain, a national campaign in support of entrepreneurship.

30 Jun 2018

The path to growth — and the exit

In the third of our series on ‘The Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur’, Martin Vander Weyer asks how successful start-ups attract capital for growth — and how founders can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

23 Jun 2018

Entrepreneurship is a way of life

In the second of our series on ‘The Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur’, serial brand-builder and start-up investor, James Espey, talks to Martin Vander Weyer about his philosophy of life and business.

2 Jun 2018

Smart advice for entrepreneurs

In the first of a series on ‘The Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur’, Tracey Reddings and Julian Cooper of Julius Baer International in London talk to Martin Vander Weyer about the advice every business-builder needs.

12 May 2018

Human progress has depended on economic disruptors since long before the advent of the internet. These are the game-changers, the companies that redefine their own marketplace, and set new norms that others follow. Motor cars remained rare luxuries until a disruptor called Henry Ford perfected the Model T assembly line. Today’s online auction, home-stay, ride-share and crowdfunding sites have generated markets and money flows that barely existed before, to the great benefit of providers and consumers.


So, who are the companies that are rewriting the rules? The Spectator and Julius Baer have come together to present the Economic Disruptor Awards, which will celebrate creative entrepreneurship across the UK. Julius Baer, founded in Zurich in 1890 and now a distinctive, pioneering and fast expanding player in the UK wealth management scene, has an instinctive sympathy with businesses that bring new thinking and positive change to established markets. Entrants will all be innovators, driven by people with real passion for what they do. They will have the potential to scale up from local to national and international arenas. And they will come from every corner of the UK.


We’re seeking five regional finalists, with a high profile judge from each of the regions helping to select the winners. The national winner will then be named at a grand dinner in central London. This overall winner will be invited to join The Spectator’s private dining club made up of the upper echelons of the business and financial communities. Members have global horizons, an interest in current affairs and appreciate an opportunity for high-level networking. Winners will also benefit from the extensive media coverage these Awards generate.


Entries are now closed . We’re looking for companies that have brought radical innovation to their sector, to the benefit of consumers, and are capable of achieving national or international scale.


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