26 Mar 2022

Turkey’s dilemma

26 Mar 2022

Turkey’s dilemma


Philip Hancock

Red Swingball bats and the Disney eye of an inflatable dolphin pressed against the hatch of the Renault 16 in front.   Lorries ahead, cabs to trailers to cabs; faces at coach windows, all lanes blocked. I slump in the back seat. We edge forwards.   I twiddle with the window winder. Nearer the bridge. And see it: black smoke, down the embankment a white car,   a man on the hard shoulder. Almost home, round my mate’s, tell him about the joke shop on the pier, the big dipper, that car on fire.

Robert Stein
L’Embarquement pour ailleurs

      Everyone around me doggedly refuses to understand that I have never been able to live in the reality of things and people …         Debussy – letter 8 July 1910, the piece L’Embarquement pour ailleurs still incomplete   I have joined the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, fee 1 shilling. No boat needed and no history of a boat.   I am cast ashore, Emile, in Crail. Crail – en Ecosse – my friend, a name like the scraping of stones where the wind pushes me forward and the streets lean up to me.

Will Stone
Innocent Encounter

From a photograph of Himmler taken by an unknown German soldier in Ukraine, summer 1941 In a meadow heavy with the scent of everything that blooms without anticipation of death, two Ukrainian peasant girls encounter the Reichsführer SS. Freed from their labours they smile and greet the slight bespectacled man who appears benign, as he gently winds a thick grass stem around his finger. What a beautiful land, he opines granted you by the fortune of birth.

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