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Bankrolled: Labour’s new paymasters

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In this week’s cover story, The Spectator’s political editor Katy Balls writes about Labour’s new paymasters – Keir Starmer’s party now receives more money from private donors than it does from trade unions. What do the new donors want, and what does Starmer want from them? Katy joins Will and Lara alongside the writer and Labour supporter Paul Mason. (01:00)

Next up, Webb Keane, from the University of Michigan, and Scott Shapiro, from Yale, write in the magazine this week about the dawn of the godbots – you can now chat online to an artificial intelligence that pretends it’s god. Might people soon start outsourcing their ethics to a chatbot? We’re joined by Webb and The Spectator’s commissioning editor Mary Wakefield. (14:19)

And finally, The Spectator’s Sam McPhail writes in this week’s magazine about how the football’s biggest stars are changing the way fans enjoy the game, and the way teams play it. To explain, Sam joins alongside Spectator contributor Damian Reilly. (25:09)

Hosted by Lara Prendergast and William Moore.

Produced by Max Jeffery, Joe Bedell-Brill and Linden Kemkaran.


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