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Bombshell: Why aren’t we giving Ukraine what it needs?

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On the podcast this week:

Boris Johnson writes The Spectator’s cover piece, urging the West to supply more military assistance to Ukraine, in order to bring a swift end to the war. Former commander of the joint forces Sir Richard Barrons and The Spectator’s Svitlana Morenets join the podcast to ask why aren’t we giving Ukraine what it needs? (01:21)

Also on the podcast: 

Charlie Taylor, His Majesty’s chief prisons inspector, writes in the magazine about the state of crisis in British prisons. This is in light of Daniel Khalife’s escape from Wandsworth prison last week. Charlie is joined by David Shipley, commentator and former inmate at Wandsworth to discuss the state of crisis in British prisons. (16:37)

And finally: 

In the arts section of the magazine Rod Liddle writes about the new Rolling Stones single, supposedly their best in decades. He joins the podcast alongside Will Hodgkinson, chief rock and pop critic at the Times to debate whether rock and roll really is dead. (25:34)

Hosted by William Moore and Lara Prendergast. 

Produced by Oscar Edmondson. 


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