Women With Balls

Controlling lives, controlling money: how to tackle financial abuse

34 min listen

Domestic abuse services are braced for an avalanche of new cases as a result of social distancing. Of these cases, not all have or will be physically violent – instead, Women’s Aid reports a significant proportion of cases in which access to money was used as a form of control. In the government’s Domestic Abuse Bill, economic abuse will be for the first time recognised as a form of coercive control. So how can it be identified, and how can the women and men who are its victims be helped?

Katy Balls speaks to Jess Phillips, Labour MP and domestic abuse campaigner; Olivia Robey, a safeguarding and vulnerability advisor and former SpAd at the Home Office; and Fiona Cannon OBE, Responsible Business, Sustainability and Inclusion Director at Lloyds Banking Group.

This podcast is sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group.


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