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Cross to bear

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In this week’s episode: How are the people of both Russia and Ukraine processing the war?

Our Russia correspondent Owen Matthews writes in this week’s Spectator that he has been stunned at how easily some of his Russian friends have accepted the Kremlin’s propaganda. He joins the podcast to explain why he thinks this is, followed by journalist and author of This Is Not Propaganda, Peter Pomerantsev, who has travelled to Kyiv to celebrate the festival of Passover. (00:48)

Also this week: Is Rishi Sunak politically incompetent?

Until recently Rishi Sunak was a favourite to succeed Boris Johnson, but this week his popularity plummeted to new lows. Our deputy political editor Katy Balls writes about the Chancellor’s challenges in this week’s Spectator and she joins the podcast along with Chris Curtis from Opinium Research to talk about Rishi’s nightmare week. (20:20)

And finally: Why do so many of Africa’s leaders support Putin?

Our wildlife correspondent, Aidan Hartley, argues that this is because many previously colonised nations still see the West as their old enemy, and that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. (31:40)

Hosted by Lara Prendergast and William Moore
Produced by Sam Holmes

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