Holy Smoke

How ‘cancelled’ conservative Catholic priests are fighting to clear their names

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In This Episode

In this episode of Holy Smoke, I interview Fr John Lovell, who is one of a growing number of American Catholic priests who claim to have been suspended from ministry simply because their conservative views offend their bishops. Fr Lovell’s Coalition for Cancelled Priests is gathering support among US traditionalists – which is hardly surprising given the Kafkaesque experiences of some priests at the hands of the authorities. 

But there’s a problem: some of the coalition’s supporters believe in far-right conspiracy theories that hand ammunition to left wing bishops and their allies in the liberal Catholic media. I thought Fr Lovell might take offence when I raised this subject in our conversation – but, as you’ll hear, he talks with refreshing frankness about the conservative ideological infighting that has proved such a gift to ‘Team Francis’.  


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