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How much longer to wait for Gray?

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The view on the Tory benches at the moment seems to be consistently ‘wait for Gray’ before they decide whether or not they will send a letter of no confidence. The 54 letters required is now more likely since the announcement of the police probe into Downing Street parties, but it is still by no means a certainty.
Boris Johnson gathered a surprising amount of support at PMQs today. Helped in part. by opposition MPs calling on him to resign:
‘Richard Burgon, a former member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet making a grand statement of how the PM should resign is naturally going to bring the Tory MPs together on Boris Johnson’s side’ – Katy Balls.
Also on the podcast, Pen Farthing and his Afghan animal rescue operation has just resurfaced. Emails have been leaked suggesting that Boris Johnson did in fact authorise a rescue operation having publically denied allegations.

All to be discussed as James Forsyth speaks to Katy Balls from a breezy rooftop in the House of Commons.


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