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Is £1.4 billion enough for schools?

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The government’s education tsar Kevan Collins resigned this afternoon, saying that the £1.4 billion pledged by the government for schools is only a tenth of what is needed. Cindy Yu speaks to James Forsyth and Katy Balls about who will take the flack.

On the podcast, James says Collins’s resignation is ’embarrassing for the government’. The former education tsar was, he adds: ‘someone who managed to bridge the various high divides in the world of schooling in England.’ 

The team also talks about Keir Starmer’s interview with Piers Morgan, which aired last night. The Labour leader refused to admit taking drugs at university, expressed regret at his mother not seeing him become an MP, and tried to show the public more of his personality. 

Katy says: ‘There was definitely a determination from the Labour leader not to fall into the traps of previous politicians when it comes to revealing details of his personal life. I was thinking, what was the main takeaway from that interview. It’s actually quite hard to pinpoint a single line, but I think it probably benefited from that – the interview was trying to show the human side, which I think he did fairly well in doing.’


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