Spectator Out Loud

Lara Prendergast, Christopher Howse, Lionel Shriver, Peter Hitchens, Joanna Lumley and Caroline Moore

55 min listen

On this week’s very special Christmas episode, we’ll hear from Lara Prendergast on why she’s planning to party hard this Christmas. (00:57)

Next, Christopher Howse on those helping to preserve the UK’s medieval churches. (06:31)

Then it’s, Lionel Shriver on the Covid heretics she admires most. (16:41)

Followed by, Peter Hitchens on Christmas in Russia during the last days of the Soviet Union. (25:23)

Penultimately, we have Joanna Lumley on getting the key to the Sistine Chapel. (35:69)

And finally, Caroline Moore on how ghost stories became a British Christmas tradition.(41:51)

Produced and presented by Sam Holmes

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