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Migration nation: Brexit has meant more immigration than ever

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This week:

Spectator editor Fraser Nelson writes in this week’s cover story about how Brexit has led to Britain having more, not less, immigration – Rishi Sunak’s government is masking dysfunction in the welfare system by bringing in people to fill vacant jobs. To make his case, Fraser joins us alongside our economics editor Kate Andrews. (01:04)

Also this week:

Novelist Elif Shafak writes about the Turkish elections in the diary for this week’s magazine. Ultranationalism and religious fundamentalism were the real winners in last Sunday’s poll. To tell us all about it. Elif joins us alongside Spectator contributor Owen Matthews. (23:18)

And finally:

Is reality television ruining sport? The Spectator’s online editor Tom Goodenough writes in this week’s magazine about how a new trend of TV shows following sports teams is taking the joy away for fans. To explain, Tom joins us alongside our deputy editor Freddy Gray. (34:24)

Hosted by Lara Prendergast and William Moore. 

Produced by Max Jeffery.


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