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Supercops: the return of tough policing

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In this week’s cover article, The Spectator‘s political editor Katy Balls takes a look at the bottom-up reform that’s happening in some parts of the country, and asks whether tough policing is making a comeback. Katy joins the podcast together with Kate Green, Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor of Crime and Policing. (00:50)

Next, the war has finally gone to Moscow. Recently, a number of drone strikes have hit targets in the Russian capital. Though Ukraine hasn’t explicitly taken responsibility, in the magazine this week, Owen Matthews writes that it’s all a part of psychological warfare. Owen is the author of Overreach: The Inside Story of Putin and Russia’s War Against Ukraine and he joins the podcast. (18:20)

And finally, is it ever right – or easy – to cut off your parents? If you look at TikTok, as our columnist Mary Wakefield has been doing, it seems that declaring your parents ‘toxic’ and excising them from your life is all the craze amongst some teenagers. Is this a sign that the fundamentals of family life have moved on from duty, or unconditional love, to a more transactional approach? Mary joins the podcast, together with Becca Bland, founder and CEO of Stand Alone, a charity which supports people estranged from their families. (28:00)

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