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The China model: why is the West imitating Beijing?

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In this week’s podcast, we talk to the author of our cover story, eminent author, historian and broadcaster Niall Ferguson, who advances the theory that the West and China are in the throes of a new cold war which the Unites States is on course to lose, should the Biden administration continue to following Beijing’s lead on apparently everything from lockdown to digital currencies. Joining the debate is Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, from Chatham House. (01:05)

‘All of the features of Cold War I are here today which is why I have been speaking for a couple of years about Cold War II’ – Niall Ferguson.

Next up, Laura Freeman writes in the magazine this week about the fake facades she has been increasingly noticing while out and about in London. Why throw up a shoddy veneer of bricks, when one could instead have a real wedding-cake of a facade? Joining us to ponder the current outbreak of fake frontage is architectural expert Samuel Hughes, a Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange. [10:20]

‘I’m quite sympathetic to the idea of a facing material but I agree its often been done very incompetently, and we will pay the price for that’ – Samuel Hughes.

Finally, as the Prime Minister considers how he’ll stump up the readies to pay for little Wilfred’s babysitter, Isabel Oakeshott writes in the magazine this week about the struggle many working parents have affording childcare. With increasing numbers of single mothers being forced to give up careers in order to look after their children, Isabel is joined by the Labour MP Stella Creasy as they debate what needs to be done to enable working parents to ensure their children can get the care they need. (15:35)

‘We are one of the least productive countries in the G7 and it’s not by accident – and part of that is that we don’t support women to stay in the workplace and work in ways that work for them and their families. That is a missed opportunity for our economy and our society’ – Stella Creasy.

Presented by Lara Prendergast.

Produced by Arsalan Mohammad.


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