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The collapse: how Red Wall MPs turned on Boris

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In this week’s episode: Will the Red Wall crush Boris Johnson?

In this week’s Spectator, our political editor James Forsyth and our deputy political editor Katy Balls report on the plot to oust the Prime Minister by Red Wall MPs, and No.10’s battle to save Boris. They join the podcast to give their up to date diagnosis. (00:43)

Also this week: How to save the BBC?

This week Nadine Dorries announced that she is planning a licence fee freeze. In the Spectator this week Paul Wood, a veteran journalist of the BBC writes about his love-hate relationship with the broadcaster. He joins the podcast now along with Domonic Minghella, writer, producer and former showrunner of the BBC’s Robin Hood. (14:45)

And finally: Is it moral to do good with bad money?

The Sackler family – whose fortune was built on getting thousands of Americans addicted to OxyContin, contributing to the country’s devastating opioid crisis – are now returning to philanthropy in the UK. But should their ill-gotten money be accepted for good causes? That’s the question Sam Leith and Matthew Parris have both asked for the Spectator’s website and magazine respectively. They both join the podcast to continue their moral musings. (28:07)

Hosted by Lara Prendergast and William Moore
Produced by Sam Holmes

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