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Unholy war

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This week:

Paul Wood writes for The Spectator about the role that Iran potentially played in the Hamas attack on Israel over the weekend. He says that it is unlikely that the proscribed terrorist group acted alone and joins the podcast alongside Uzi Arad, former national security advisor to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (01:22)

Also this week: 

Labour conference in Liverpool has come to end and, as always with conference season, the best events took place on the fringes. Katy Balls our political editor spoke to London mayor Sadiq Khan and they have kindly allowed us to hear a section of their discussion, where they cover anti-seminitism, ULEZ and the upcoming mayoral election in May. (27:29)

And finally:

Former Labour MP Sion Simon writes in the magazine this week about his experience losing his sight and his battle with ‘internalised ableism’. He joins the podcast to tell us what he has learned from going blind. (43:39)

Hosted by William Moore. 

Produced by Oscar Edmondson.


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