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Who let the Mogg out?

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In yesterday’s Cabinet debate, Jacob Rees-Mogg called on Boris Johnson to abandon the planned hike in national insurance, amid warnings of a looming cost of living crisis. This is not the first time the leader of the Commons has criticised the government following his opposition to tougher Covid restrictions. Might this be a sign that Rees-Mogg is going to jump before he is pushed?

‘After the Patterson affair, there is now a clear distance between No.10 and the whips office. As we both know Isabel, when that is the case, that is when Parliament begins to unravel quite quickly’ James Forsyth.

Also on the podcast, the decorations to the Downing Street flat debacle which has resurfaced and the Colston four trial, which has been dominating the headlines over the last couple of days is discussed.

Isabel Hardman speaks to James Forsyth.

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