I’ll stay young for you if you’ll stay young for me

It won’t be easy

Some things we’ll have to set aside

Jogging along the promenade in shiny shorts

I will not do

It’s not helpful, you and I turning ridiculous


I’m thinking it’s all in the mind. Keep it supple

Read decent books,

Keep up with current affairs,

Above all, stay out of the Obituaries. Try a craft beer

Discuss our family less

Let them come to us. I’m not that fond of them.


You get on with our kids, I never really did.

I’m glad they’re not

In our faces. They put a halt on us,

I know you disagree. We were too young. We had

Things to do

That we never did and won’t do now. Let’s just


Concentrate on ourselves. Stay wide-eyed,

Innocent in a good way

But not stupid – have we been stupid? –

It would be good for us to see things new

Small things,

I can’t think of anything specific right now


It could be that to be young even in our heads

We must stand still

In the same spot, not moving a muscle, breathing

With care – we’ll make a new young,

Not a rerun, not a replay

And by all means let’s sing again, but softly.