Veni Sancte Spiritus

Come, pop -ology of psych,

Beam yourself into us like

Headlights through lightheadedness.


Come, nanny of nanny states,

Come, hour of our hourly rates,

Come, heart of our heartiness.


Consolation of a prize,

Soothing sight for see-sore eyes,

Sooth, and say, some truthfulness.


In developments a rest,

In first worlds a second guest,

In mishaps a happiness.


And, most special of effects,

See through your eyes’ haruspex

Our gut feeling’s guttedness.


When you’re out, we’ve no insight,

Nothing of what’s left is right,

Nothing is in but excess.


Wash the broadsheets of our smears,

Slake well-wells with welling tears,

Bring to heal unhealthiness.


Shake the roses’ seedy hips,

Leave the icebergs generous tips,

Ward us way off waywardness.


Give to those who, doggèd, wait

On your fingers’ click and bait

The worried bone of friendliness.


Give good eggs a lucky break,

Give what giving in would take,

Give smiles openendedness.