Inside the warped world of the Incel movement

How do men become misogynists? I recall the boys at my sink school in the north east of England – many of them were vile bullies that relentlessly targeted girls with sexual harassment and bullying. They learned it from older boys, fathers, and pornography. How much worse it is today, despite decades of feminist campaigning. Today, nothing paints as clear a picture of how much some men hate women as the Incel movement. The Incel (Involuntary Celibates) community was popularised when Elliot Rodger killed six people in California in what became known as the Isla Vista massacre. Rodger shot himself in the head and died. A video titled ‘Elliot Rodger’s

A dark journey into a fanatical underworld

Two years ago, the counter-extremist analyst Julia Ebner decided she needed to delve deeper into the extremists trying to disrupt and destabilise our democracies. So the Austrian researcher invented five identities and joined a dozen secretive digital worlds of white nationalists, radical misogynists and jihadi women to explore their networks, their strategies and their recruitment techniques. This sobering book tells the tale of her journeys into a swampy underworld filled with fanatics and fantasists. Many of the people she came across seem like the saddest of losers. She joins a white nationalist dating site — motto ‘Love your race and procreate’ — where people admit they received ‘negative’ feedback on

The art of the incel

Let’s say you have a diagnosis of autism, depression or anxiety. You sleep too much or too little. You masturbate too often. You play computer games and don’t open the curtains. You have no money and you are often profoundly lonely and frequently bored. From this unedifying starting point, can you, let’s say, weightlift your way out of misery? Can you trick yourself into being sociable? Can you ultimately get beyond your fantasy that a woman will save you (she won’t) and learn to live with everyday misery? Alex Lee Moyer’s documentary TFW NO GF, internet-speak for ‘that feel(ing) when no girlfriend’, is the first attempt to make cinema out