Is sanity returning to the trans debate?

At last, Mermaids, the UK charity for, in their own words, ‘gender variant and transgender children’ is under the spotlight. Following investigations by the Telegraph and Mail newspapers, as well as demands from critics concerned about child safeguarding, the Charity Commission has launched a regulatory compliance case and have said that they have written to the organisation’s trustees. The investigations found that Mermaids has been offering breast binders to girls reportedly as young as 13, and despite children saying their parents opposed the practice. Binding can often cause breathing difficulties, back pain and broken ribs. It was also uncovered that kids have been ‘congratulated’ online for identifying as transgender by

After Tavistock, will Mermaids be next?

‘Mermaids must fall next.’ That was the response of Professor Kathleen Stock to the news that last week that the NHS was closing its Tavistock gender identity clinic for children. Stock, who quit Sussex University over what she called a trans rights ‘witch-hunt’, added that it was now time for ‘a no-holds barred journalistic dive’ into Mermaids, the British charity which supports ‘gender variant and transgender youth.’ Their methods of doing this have come under much scrutiny, such as by promoting breast binding at an event last year. Mermaids is also involved in lobbying and has provided training in public sector bodies. In May this year, the TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed that

Why is Mermaids promoting breast binding at events for young people?

Mermaids is arguably the most influential charity focusing on transgender rights in the UK. It claims to have been supporting transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse children, young people, and their families since 1995, and has been at the forefront of key policy changes affecting transgender people in this country. Today, however, the charity is distinctly evangelistic. This approach worries me greatly. As a teacher, I know how impressionable young people can be. I think it is deeply irresponsible to suggest, as Mermaids do, that children have a gender identity that can differ from the sex that was ‘assigned at birth’. This evangelistic approach from some in the trans movement can also

What happened when the mob came for Robert Webb?

Robert Webb is best known for making people laugh, but he conducted himself with poise and grace when he was ambushed by American podcast host Jesse Thorn. Thorn had invited Webb and long-time collaborator David Mitchell to talk about their latest show, and their experiences performing together as a double act over the years. But the programme ended in yet another episode of the transgender inquisition. This was personal. Thorn told listeners he has two gender non-conforming children, ‘one of who is transgender,’ as he called Webb to account for criticising gender charity Mermaids UK in December 2018. Back then, Webb wrote a message of support for Times columnist Janice Turner,