Alastair Thomas

The Spectator Podcast: Death of a dissident

Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance has shocked the world. The Saudi journalist was caught on camera entering the country’s consulate in Istanbul, but he never left. The world is outraged; why was he killed and what happens next? In this week’s Spectator, John Bradley says that Khashoggi’s crime was to fall foul of the Saudi ruling family. What does

Five things we learnt from Dominic Raab’s EU Committee appearance

Today, Dominic Raab, settling into his role as Brexit secretary, appeared before the Lords EU committee to answer questions on progress, or lack of, from the ongoing Brexit negotiations. Here’s what could be gleaned from the 100-minute session: Northern Ireland continues to be a stumbling block Unsurprisingly, Raab revealed little about any proposals to resolve

The ‘woke’ who do coke

Midnight in Shoreditch, and snaking round the brickwork of old east London is a line of chattering clubbers. Everyone seems to be queuing for something here: a new restaurant, or a new microbrewery. Inside the club, hipster students, bearded professionals and wealthy tourists fill the dance floor. I easily spot the drug dealers weaving in

The Corbynasties

It took a protest of Jews in Westminster for Jeremy Corbyn to own up to the Labour party’s problem with anti-Semitism. It ‘has caused pain and hurt to Jewish members of our party and to the wider Jewish community in Britain,’ he said — an admission that has been a very long time coming. But