Alex Salmond

My advice to the new First Minister

Last Friday I found myself in the magnificent Carnegie-funded Central Library in George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. I was due to speak at a Scotonomics conference and, after glancing at some of the more challenging questions that had been sent in advance, concluded that an hour or so’s revision was urgently called for on the respective

My nightmare

Alex Salmond has been cleared of sexually assaulting nine women. The former Scottish first minister released this statement outside court: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, just over a year ago, when we finished the Civil Action and Judicial Review, I said I had great faith in the court system in Scotland. That faith has been much reinforced

Alex Salmond: why I have resigned from the SNP

I truly love the SNP and the wider independence movement in Scotland. They have been the defining commitment of my life. But today I have written to the National Secretary of the party resigning my membership. I read carefully Nicola Sturgeon’s statement on Sunday and watched her television interview of a couple of days ago.