Andrew Mitchell

How much longer can Boris Johnson keep going?

41 min listen

In this episode: Is Boris going to limp on? In her cover piece this week, Katy Balls writes that although Boris Johnson believes he can survive the partygate scandal, he has some way to go until he is safe, while in his column, James Forsyth writes about why the Tories have a summer of discontent ahead

The Sturgeon paradox: how is she so popular?

37 min listen

Despite her government’s underperformance on education, health and Covid-19, Nicola Sturgeon’s popularity continues to climb – why? (01:10) Does spending more on overseas aid mean we care more? (14:05) And finally, are we all followers of the cult of casualness? (26:25) With The Spectator’s Scotland editor Alex Massie, former SNP finance spokesperson Andrew Wilson, development